A Bagel is Never Just a Bagel

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

It's true. A bagel is never just a bagel, it is more than a chewy, doughy and oh so filling roll with a hole.

Bagel sandwich, good food

Somerset NJ area - Most of the time, bagels are purchased as a single breakfast item with either a cheese spread between or something heartier like eggs and cheese. But what else is important about that bagel?

How fast it is served? How is the coffee that goes with it? Does it matter how the store looks? One great bagel place is Kettleman's Bagels at 456 Elizabeth Avenue, Somerset, NJ. They have everything to make a bagel experience worth going back again and again. The breakfast sandwiches can be built on a bagel of your choice. Freshly cracked eggs and ham or bacon with a great cheddar cheese are all bases leading to a home run. A simple toasted bagel with cream cheese offers a fresh creamy whipped cheese taste. Yum. One of my favorites.

WeEatAllot Rating - 5 smiles --☻☻☻☻☻

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