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Blaze Pizza, 316 Chimney Rock Rd, Bound Brook, NJ - last visit 12/27/2019

Blaze Pizza is not another Dominos or Pizza Hut. This is a new pizza restaurant has been in operation at the chimney rock shopping center since the shopping center opened in the spring of 2018. There are a few words that can describe the Blaze Pizza experience. Those words would be “efficient, fresh, customer focused, variety and reasonably priced.”

For those who have not been to Blaze Pizza, it’s a fun and pleasant way to grab a quick bite even when funds are limited. When you enter, the store’s set up automatically drives you to the starting process. A friendly greeter asks what kind of pizza is desired. In this case you can decide if you want to order one of the dozen or so pre-designed pizzas like the meat eaters or white top or the bbq chicken pizza. Or, you could opt to order a build your own pizza which allows you to select whatever combination of toppings you want, in whatever quantity you want. If you decide to build your own, the fresh made pizza dough on the pizza board moves to the sauce station. You can select from traditional red side to spicy red or a white sauce. You can opt for any meat toppings.

The Toppings Bar

Then the pizza moves to the veggie section where you select from about 20 different veggie toppings including sautéed onions, olives and peppers. They’ll add a pinch of salt and oregano if you want. From there you pay and the pizza goes in to the oven. By the time you get a table, napkins and your self serve drink, the pizza Baker is calling your name. The oven, set right behind the counter has a flame at the far back and can have as many as ten or more pizzas baking at one time. When you retrieve your pizza, you can add finishing sauce like pesto sauce or balsamic glaze. The balsamic glaze is great when combined with bacon, spinach and onion toppings.

There are a few options if there standard personal pie is too much pizza for one. For example there is an option to order 1/2 a pizza plus a side salad or fresh baked dough knots. Of course they also have to-go boxes.

They also have fresh baked cookies and brownies if you are so inclined. They offer a fountain drink called Agua Fresca which has the hint of fruit flavors and almost no sugar. There are also traditional Coca Cola products available.

On this particular visit, I ordered a build-your-own pizza with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, bacon and a pinch of salt and oregano. The regular crust is thin and comes out of the oven crispy. They also offer a double dough which comes out chewy. They offer other specialty crusts for dieters. If you build your own pie, you can ask for more mozzarella cheese or double pepperoni or more of anything else and they will build your pizza exactly the way you ask.

The assembly line process is very efficient. It’s great that every one of the employees is friendly and seem interested in making sure your experience is a good one. If you are struggling about where to bring the kids for a bite that won’t break the bank, Blaze Pizza is the place to go. It’s fun, tasty and an overall great experience. By the way, the store provides two size cups for the beverages. But don’t drive yourself crazy looking for straws, they don’t provide them. Instead they have wide mouth cup lids, kind of like adult sippy cups. That alone warrants five smiles and it’s another reason to enjoy a pizza.

The editors of We Eat A Lot give Blaze Pizza five smiles.

Yes... five which is a rare rating for us. 😋😋😋😋😋

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