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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

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Mooyah Burger, Elizabeth Ave, Somerset, NJ

Mooyah Burger, 441 Elizabeth Ave, Franklin Township, NJ 08873; Last visited 10/30/2019

There are lots of good things to say about Mooyah. The store that I visit is located in a small shopping center in Somerset, NJ. The place is always clean and organized and the people behind the counter, for the most part are friendly. This particular Mooyah is large enough that even a team of kids and their parents, just after a baseball or soccer game could be accommodated.

The burgers are made from fresh ground beef and Mooyah says the meat is never frozen. As well, the burger buns are also baked in store. There are about 25 different varieties of burgers offered including a mushroom swiss burger, BBQ bacon burger and new ice-burgers with lettuce subbing as the bun. They have three options called “The Paleo”, “The Keto” and “The Low Cal”. Meat options include the ‘never frozen’ beef burgers, turkey burgers, or black bean burgers. They also have hot dogs with various toppings and hand cut fries. If you didn’t want to select one of the pre-designed sandwiches like the “Diablo Dog” or the “Well D’Onion”, you can make your own and add on any topping that Mooyah offers.

Bacon Cheddar Burger with Onion Strings

Certain toppings are an additional charge, like sliced avocado, bacon or green chili-queso, while other items like pickles, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers don’t cost extra.

I happened to stop by Mooyah on my way home one night and ordered my standard burger. A plain jane bacon cheddar burger with onion strings, no sauces or other add-ons. I love fresh fried onion straws and Mooyah is one of the few places that offers them. The burger was tasty, even if it was slightly over cooked. In addition, I got an order of fries and had some malted vinegar to go with them. Of course, the only bad thing about hand cut, skin on, french fries is that they are very rarely crispy. Normally they are a little bit soggy. While I wouldn’t say Mooyah is the best burger I have ever had, it was pretty good. One measurement of a good burger, according to my dad, is if the bun and the burger are basically the same size. If the burger is too small, then it is basically a bun sandwich with a little bit of burger. Mooyah’s burger and bun were basically the same size. Total cost was just over 14 bucks. Overall, considering the convenience and the cleanliness of the store, I would rate Mooyah 😊😊😊😊.

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