Hello Fresh! or Uh Oh Fresh!

I had to try a home food delivery service. The Offer that seemed reasonable. They offered $20 off each weekly order for four weeks. The way it works is simple. First, I had to download the Hello Fresh app. Every week, before a designated day, I needed to select which three meals I wanted. I had chosen how many meals I wanted per day and how many I wanted per week. We went with three different meals with enough food for two per day. The selections were similar to those of a restaurant. Some of the choices included honey thyme pork with roasted potatoes and broccoli. Another meal was chicken teriyaki meatballs with zucchini over write rice. As well the offer gourmet style meals that include beef tenderloin. Yum. Here is what I got. On my designated day, a box was delivered, packed very well with ice and insulation. The box contained three didn’t brown bags, each labeled with the name of one of the meals I selected the week before. In each bag, every ingredient I needed to make the fish was included. If there was meat, for example, chicken cutlets, they were packed separately from each meal. Also included were large two-sided recipe cards with clear, concise instructions to prepare each meal.

The recipes were easy to follow and the meals, for the most part, turned out similar in appearance to the picture of the Food on the card. I must say, the ingredients were always fresh and the food, once prepared was really quite tasty. The Mexican pork street tacos were my favorite. The recipes even broke down how to make restaurant quality gravies and sauces.

Each week the company also provided add-ons like extra chicken breasts and ready to bake desserts like brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Here is why I stopped using the service. With my second order, we opted to try the ready to bake cookies. The box arrived, similar the first week, but was missing the cookies. I called Hello Fresh and was credited the cost of the cookies. Hey, sometimes things happen. The following week, the order missed the chicken for one of the meals. I counted two strikes and they were out.

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