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22 West Tap and Grill, 1601 US-22, Bound Brook, NJ – Last visit 12/18/2019

This was a birthday celebration, treating one of the editor’s sister’s to dinner. There were three in the party and when we pulled in at about 6:30, the parking lot was jammed. Two of us went in while the other circled for parking. The front door and the reception desk are alongside the large center, wrap-around bar. Jammed parking lot, jammed restaurant because we had to maneuver around several other laughing, drinking patrons. Everybody around the bar certainly was having a good time. Their positive energy bounced off of us as we entered. As we reached the reception desk, it seemed as if there might have been a long wait. It was hard to tell which of the people were waiting for tables and which were just enjoying that side of the bar. Well we were seated immediately. I know that the restaurant went through an expansion recently, adding new space behind the bar. The space looks like it can be converted to covered patio dining during the warm months. The windows actually looked like garage doors that could be lifted to create an open-air environment. Of course, this day, with snow squalls and white out conditions outside, those doors were down.

As we all sat down and waited for our waiter, we reviewed the menu, an expanded pub menu with salads, burgers, sandwiches and several entrees. They also presented an extensive libation menu including seasonal mixed drinks and pages of on tap beer, bottled beer and wine. We noticed at the top of the menu that there seven boxes representing each day of the week. Written within each box were dinner specials. This was a Wednesday so within the box there was a 14-ounce prime rib special for $22. Once I saw that, I didn’t review the rest of the menu, in quick order I knew that’s what I was going to order. The accompaniments were roasted garlic mashed potatoes and roasted green beans. We all ordered the same thing. My dining companions both opted for an order of french-fries in place of the mashed potatoes and green beans, but when our dinners came, they got no green beans but the mashed potatoes and french-fries. Well no matter. When I order prime rib, I

generally look for an end cut, automatically closer to well done but always filled with the most flavor and if they don’t have the end cut, I order a medium regular prime rib. The orders were served in what seemed to be only a few minutes, as in maybe five minutes. But we realized that all of the beef and the potatoes were closer to room temperature and all of the cuts were well done to almost over-well done. Some of the beef was a little dried out. But we decided not to send it back because in general, other than not being hot, it was quite tasty. We surmised that prime rib plates, because they were the special, were probably already plated in the back, maybe in a warming tray or under a lamp waiting to be ordered. The plates themselves were warm, but the food was not much warmer. We also ordered one dessert, the bombolinis which were small zeppole type donuts filled with

custard and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They were very good. Their burgers are a whole other experience. When you inform them that you want a burger, they present you with a burger menu, like the one pictured here and you select everything you want on your burger. The burger comes out

EXACTLY the way it was ordered. The varieties and combinations are nearly endless.

For me, one of the editors of WeEatAllot.com, I have dined here before and every other time the service has been the same. Friendly, down to earth servers greet and treat patrons to a good experience. The service this time was superb despite the crowd of people that were seated. The food in the past has always been very good with interesting variations on pub favorites. Overall, we thought everything was good. The prime ribs would have been much better if they were warmed to order and served hot, but outside of that this place could be a new regular favorite.

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