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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Ichiban Sushi, 149 Pierce St, Somerset, NJ – Last visit 9/18/2019

Sushi is one of those cuisines that, in my opinion, is worth the price, if it’s good. Of course, many people think of sushi and recoil at the thought of eating raw fish. I am probably one of the few people who doesn’t know this, but in the past, when I heard the word sushi, I automatically thought of the California Roll and other rolled fish. But I did a little research and with reference to the chart below, the rolls, like the California Roll are actually called Maki. My favorite maki rolls are made with either crab or shrimp. I also love salmon skin hand rolls, those are the rolls with all of the ingredients rolled in to the shape of a cone.

Ichiban has some pretty good maki rolls. Their variety spans across a few different options including the standard California Roll, which contains artificial crab leg and avocado rolled in rice and seaweed. The Mango Roll, which is a combination of spicy tuna and avocado topped with fresh mango or their French Kiss Roll, which contains shrimp tempura, kani salad, salmon, avocado and lemon masago with a yummy sauce. Masago, by the way is fish roe or fish eggs. I know, it sounds gross, right? But when eaten all together it is wonderful. The flavors all meld together in each bite size morsel. One of my favorites at Ichiban is the Summer Roll. The Summer Roll includes lobster tempura and mango wrapped up in seaweed with avocado and sauce on top. One of my friends and I usually order three maki rolls and two hand rolls. The platter is placed in the center of the table and we usually divide everything equally. We often start with a bowl of miso soup or edamame and by the time we are done, we are full and satisfied.

The service at Ichiban is curt and precise. You sit down, they bring your drinks, they take your order and a short while later a platter of sushi is placed in front of you. It seems that as you are taking your last bite, they are clearing the table and leaving the check. Even if there are no other occupied tables in the restaurant, the service is the same way, succinct and efficient. The prices are what you might expect to pay for sushi. The meal that I described above, could cost on average of $50-$55. It’s not the cheapest meal, but it is definitely a good meal. Overall the editors at We Eat A Lot rating Ichiban four smiles 😊😊😊😊.

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