What Is Good Customer Service? Don't get me started...

Good customer service is what keeps customers coming back to your business. You need customers to keep the business alive. According to Chron.com, a small business website, good customer service means being friendly, available, attentive and quick to take care of customers' needs. These are the things that I look for every time I step out to dine. They are as important to me as the quality and taste of the food. Throughout all my posts regarding restaurant experiences, I always talk about customer service.

“No matter how tasty your menu, customers won't come back if they have bad experiences with your customer service.”

Chron.com lists four primary things that identify good customer service. I agree that these four things are a good start. I also think that customer service has to feel genuine not forced or implied.

1. Being prompt and attentive (not necessarily hovering or bothersome).

2. Providing service with a smile tells the customer that you are engaged with them.

3. Being available – means that while attending customers, employees should not be hiding in the kitchen. Being visible and makes customers feel like they are having a better experience.

4. To be set apart, the service that a customer receives should be great, not just okay.

To me what lacks in good customer service these days is employee training. If you read my other post about customer service, the kid that ignored me at Taco Bell cleeeeearly didn’t have any customer service training. Check out my previous post on here.


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