Burger review series - YES! A burger from Whole Foods Market!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Whole Foods Market, Bridgewater, NJ – Last visit 11/1/2019

YES! Bridgewater Whole Foods Market makes fresh, made-to-order burgers. One section of this Whole Foods, which I suspect is similar to most Whole Foods Markets, is devoted to fresh ready to eat foods including a large salad bar, another similarly sized hot bar and a soup bar with about six different soups.

In addition, this Whole Foods has a fresh pizza station and a ready to make a burger station. The burger, overall, was pretty good. I think it was good because it was piping hot off the grill. One drawback is that the beef is 90/10 which means that there is 90% lean beef and only 10% fat. The guy behind the counter didn’t ask how I wanted to burger cooked, and in fairness I didn’t ask if it could be cooked in a specific way. I also ordered french fries, which again, they fried fresh, just for me. I ate my burger with a bottle of Hal’s vanilla cream seltzer water. The water has a zippy carbonation and a light vanilla flavor. It was quite refreshing.

Overall, considering the burger was made in the middle of a grocery store, I have to say I would rate it 4 smiles. My rating is as much for the quality of the burger as it is for the convenience of ordering and eating the burger immediately after I finished my grocery shopping. We Eat A Lot Rating - 😊😊😊😊

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